The secret of our success? 

Our team!

Since 1903.


Come as you are

Our success is largely based on the personalities, qualifications, performance and commitment of our staff: more than 1.000 overseas and ashore. We are really proud of our team! But we also put some effort into it: We provide exciting career opportunities, a high transparency and attractive salaries. Sounds interesting for you?

Explore opportunities – and work with us!

"My job is exhausting, but I can't imagine working somewhere else – or having better colleagues."

Vikash Kumar Singh, Pumpman

"I have to work very precisely. Every mistake can lead to severe consequences. But I am well-equipped for any surprise at Leonhardt & Blumberg."

Christoph Meier, Naval Architect

"I can keep track thanks to my great team!"

Tanja Krüger, Operator

"Ship engineering is my passion. I am sailing on board L&B vessels since more than two decades and still enjoying my assignments and working with a great team."

Aime Makosso Makosso, Chief Engineer

"As a new employee, I have been well received on board. I have excellent working conditions here and am happy to be able to offer my colleagues a varied and balanced menu every day."

Gerald Timoteo Peralta, Chief Cook

"I have been working at Leonhardt & Blumberg for over 15 years. Many of my colleagues have been here much longer. I have never seriously thought about changing jobs."

Kristin Pittelkau, Management Assistant

As Master I have the overall command of the vessel. I am responsible for safe operation, optimal economic performance, and the cargo. Apart from commercial matters, my focus is also on the occupational health and safety of my crew.

Captain Mykola Boldyrev

"I like being here in the office because everyone is happy to see me."

Paul, Well Being Manager

"I like the openness and transparency throughout the team, whether ashore or on board."

Mariam Mesgarzadeh, MLC/Compliance Manager

"Safety on board is of utmost priority for me with Leonhardt & Blumberg."

Robert Kühne, ISM/ISPS

"The accounting here is fast, transparent and accurate. That's how I love and live my work."

Sylwia Jablonka, Buchhaltung

"Women in a man's world, that's not an issue here! Everyone works together as equals here."

Jennifer Brockmann, Operations Manager

"I love the team here in the office because I always enjoy their full attention."

Champ, Well Being Manager


Since 1903.



Since 1903.



Since 1903.



Your contact for a career on shore

Fenja Paasch
Head of Human Resources

Your contact for a career on sea

Ronald Schnitter
Head of Crewing

Your contact for a career on sea

Ronald Schnitter
Head of Crewing

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