Since 1903.


At home in shipping - always on course

Leonhardt & Blumberg navigates with its experienced and well-attuned team a fleet of container feeder vessels and medium range product tankers. We are basically involved in all steps of shipping: Building, Finance, Nautic-Technical Ship Management and Crewing.

We act considerately, but take as well bold decisions, to stay well-equipped for upcoming challenges.

Leonhardt & Blumberg stands for:

  • Passion for shipping
  • more than 120 years of experience in shipping
  • Traditional company with innovational spirit
  • a flexible, diversified fleet

Mathias Gaethje & Torben Kölln
Managing Directors

Committed to Shipping – with passion

2022: New segment product tankers

Leonhardt & Blumberg enters a new segment with the purchase of three used MR2 product tankers. The three identical vessels were built in Japan in 2008. Nowadays, Leonhardt & Blumberg owns six product tankers (50,000 tdw).

2010 – 2020: the Handysize segment

In 2012, the Shanghai shipyard builds four big containerships with onboard cranes and electronic controlled engines. Two years later, Leonhardt & Blumberg invests in the handysize segment with the purchase of four smaller containerships (1,740 TEU).

In 2017, Leonhardt & Blumberg and Buss Shipping merge their ship management activities. The new Joint venture is called Leonhard & Blumberg Shipmanagement GmbH & Co KG. One year later, the two newbuildings "OLYMPIA" und "OPHELIA" strengthen the new segment.

Millennium: New designs at the sea and ashore

During the first ten years of the new millenium, the fleet of the company is growing by newbuildings from China. Between 1997 and 2003, the chinese shipyard Guangzhou delivers in total nine vessels. Leonhardt and Blumberg also develops new designs for the ships with a capacity of 1.740 TEU. The company itself gets an upgrade as well: Leonhardt & Blumberg moves to a modern, u-shaped building right at the river Elbe.

90s: Vessels from China and South Korea

The 90s are determined by expansion. In the beginning of the 90s, two more refeer cargo vessels join the fleet and the first of six containerships (1,000 TEU) is delivered by a polish shipyard. In 1993 and 1994, the fleet expands by a quartet of vessels with a capacity of 3,424 TEU and a smaller containership. All of them are built in South Korea.

In 1995, the shipyard Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea delivers two vessels with a capacity of 4,565 TEU. The Danish Shipping Company A.P. Moeller Maersk charters them directly. Two years later, Leonhardt & Blumberg designs a vessel together with naval architects. The ship is built in Guangzhou in China.

80s: New types of vessels

The first full-celled containership is being delivered by the shipyard Vulkan in Bremen. At the end of the 80s, Leonhardt & Blumberg enters the refeer business by ordering two refrigerated cargo vessels. "HANSA BREMEN" and "HANSA VISBY" are handed over in Bremen.

60s and 70s: Expanding the fleet

In the 60s, Leonhardt & Blumberg orders three multi-purpose freighters, which can accommodate containers. In 1976, the fleet is expanding with the delivery of two 392-TEU vessels and two bulk carriers from the Japanese shipyard Ujina.

50s: Rebuilding of the fleet

The allies ease their restrictions on overseas trade. Leonhardt & Blumberg acquires the steam ship "MIGUEL DE LARRINAGA " and renames it "BERND LEONHARDT ". The company is now back in the business of international tramp shipping. In 1951, Leonhardt & Blumberg buys the newbuilding "ADOLF LEONHARDT ". It is, for the moment, the largest vessel in the german fleet.

Seven years later, the vessels "MARIE LEONHARDT" and "AUGUST LEONHARDT" are being delivered. The ship "WALTER LEONHARDT " joins the fleet from the Rickmers-Werft in Bremerhaven. The special feature of the new bulk carriers: They don't have a tween deck anymore.

40s: Consequences of the Second World War

Leonhardt & Blumberg doesn't own any ships. The company loses six ships during the war. The other vessels are handed over to the allies. During this time, the company survives by making business in the field of insurance. Despite the huge setback, Leonhardts sons Hans and Otto succeed in rebuilding the basic business of the company. In 1946, Leonhardt & Blumberg operates a mine carrier named "RHEIN" on behalf of the United States. Three years later, the company buys the vessel for 380,000 German Marks.

30s: The fleet is growing

Leonhardt & Blumberg buys two steam tankers (750 T) from the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. The two vessels sail under the german flag by the names "LOTTE LEONHARDT" and "KARL LEONHARDT".

10s and 20s: A founder dies, the name remains the same

Prior to the first world war, the vessels "FRIEDA LEONHARDT" (2739 GRT) and "JOHANNA BLUMBERG" (2,380 GRT) are the biggest of the fleet. Leonhardt & Blumberg pays 430,000 and 450,000 Deutsche Mark for them. In 1922, Arthur Blumberg dies. Adolf Leonhardt continues to run the company by himself.

The beginnings

Adolf Leonhardt and Arthur Blumberg found the shipping company Leonhardt & Blumberg in 1903. One year later, the first ship named "ANGELICA ZUM BACH" is being built and delivered to Lübeck. The following years, several ship newbuildings are added to the fleet, being employed in worldwide tramp shipping.

Valid for Centuries:

Navigare nescesse est.

What’s better than thinking big?

Thinking flexible.


Whatever the conditions are

transparency is most important to us.



Our fleet: flexible and powerful

Leonhardt & Blumberg steers a fleet of 31 handy sized container ships and six product tankers. We belong to the leading companies offering container ships from 1,000 to 3,600 TEU. Since 2022, we also invest in the promising segment of product tankers (50,000 tdw).

Our handysize containerships

Fully flexible: Container ships from 1,000 to 3,600 TEU.

Our product tankers

Safe and efficient: Our tanker fleet of 50,000 tdw Class.



Since 1903.



Since 1903.



Since 1903.



Since 1903.


Come as you are!

The success of Leonhardt & Blumberg is not only based on the ships or the clients. It is based on the people working for Leonhardt & Blumberg, taking care that everything runs smoothly. In our history of more than 120 years, we always succeeded in keeping our head above the water. We kept growing and discovered new working fields.



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